Frequently Asked Questions

Organic Power is a natural keratin treatment completely Formaldehyde free. Loaded with amino acids responsible for the alignment of the capillary strands, it delivers a temporary straightening hair transformation for all types of hair. We replace all those nasty chemicals that keratins normally have like; (Formaldehyde, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Polyethylene Glycols) with natural ingredients; (Amino acids, Mango and Avocado Oil, Shea Butter) that deliver better results than most keratin brands.

No, Organic Power is a natural keratin treatment that replaces Formaldehyde for Brazilian Protein, Mango, Avocado, Babassu Oil. No more coughing or tearing when doing a keratin treatment, because of its natural ingredients, the vapor released is safe to breathe.

We recommend somebody already with experience or that has been trained by us or a professional. Even though our product contains plant-based ingredients and will not cause any severe allergic reactions or effects on skin or hair, if not applied properly the desired effect will not be achieved. Because of its amino acids, if not applied properly your hair will be caked in an oil-like substance, and you don't want that… trust us.

Organic Power GOLD is aimed at already treated hair (Color treatment, Highlights, Hair bleaches) or thin delicate hair. Its Violet Pigments help protect the hair and color from the heat of the iron while the treatment is applied.
Organic Power Extreme is made for virgin or untreated hair, it does not contain Violet Pigments, but still keeps all other ingredients like Babassu Oil and Shea Butter

Yes, even though our product is proven to be safe and effective, we always recommend putting a small sample on your wrist to double-check whether you have a reaction or not.

Yes, if your hair is chemically or color-treated there will be a slight color sweep but, this can be controlled with the temperature of your hair iron and/or how you apply the treatment. Amino acids deposited in your capillary strands from Organic Power, react with the heat from the hair iron causing a color sweep.

It is not a deciding factor but, applying Organic Power Deep Clean will increase the chances of a better result. The cleaner the hair is, the easier it will be for the natural keratin to penetrate the hair fibers.

These shampoos and conditioners have special pigments that can change the tone of your hair, we like to picture it as a very light hair dye. Our collection of color toners comes in 4 different styles; Platinum effect, Champagne effect, Ice effect, and Silver effect. You can mix and match colors and toners to achieve your desired effect.

Yes, we recommend our The One High Impact Hair Mask, our team of stylists found that applying a hair mask or serum helps with solar and heat protection for better sealing and protecting your hair after the treatment.

Because every hair is different, we give a range between 375F and 450F. Factors like how long, how thick, and how frizzy the hair is will determine the ideal temperature for each client.

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